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KINVENT K-Push Manual Dynamometer
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KINVENT K-PUSH Manual Dynamometer

The manual dynamometer to take everywhere.

Ideal for quick evaluation or directly in the field, the K-Push is a precise and versatile manual dynamometer allowing the evaluation of about 40 muscle groups.

When used with the Physio-app, track your patients' progress.


KINVENT K-PUSH Manual Dynamometer

Dynamometer allowing immediate evaluation by the practitioner of most muscle groups as well as the calculation of relevant force ratios.

Track your patients' progress:

Maximum force:

Measure the peak force and analyse the maximum capacity of a muscle group in a specific situation.


Measure the average strength maintained and objective the ability to maintain physical effort over time as well as fatigue.

Muscle symmetry:

Measure the differences in strength between opposing limbs, or between agonists and antagonists.

Kinvent: the solution for physiotherapists to objectify progress.

Measure, analyse, train, share

Thanks to the application you will have:


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