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WIITest: multimodal platform for strength testing

WIITest: multimodal platform for strength testing

This platform is designed to evaluate muscle strength levels in real time.
Its modularity allows it to perform different tests that are scientifically recognised and integrated into injury prevention protocols and performance monitoring.
Including 2 Kinvent Muscle Controller force sensors.

OPTION AVAILABLE: test bar with 4 sheaths and 4 sensors allowing the agonist / antagonist tests without adjustments (e.g., adductor / abductor sequence without adjustment modification).

WIITest: multimodal platform for strength testing

- Accurate real-time analysis of data thanks to the latest generation Muscle Controller dynamometer (KINVENT): Maximum force (N), Force endurance, Right / Left ratio, Agonist / antagonist ratio, Force torque, etc.

- Muscle Controller sensors are removable and usable outside of the platform.

- Evaluations of the different joints: ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, neck

- Visual biofeedback in real time with the WIIT app

- Removable platform

- 22 levels of height adjustment (3.5 cm difference)

- Easy to move: integrated handles and wheels


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Made In France
100.00 kg

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