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KINVENT is revolutionising rehabilitation! Their connected physical therapy devices deliver real-time biofeedback to help you increase the efficiency and accuracy of your practice while enhancing patient engagement. It brings precision and real-world science to physical therapy and physical preparation.

KINVENT offers unparalleled benefits to both sports and health professionals and their patients. A look at its major assets.

Their advantage: REAL-TIME ACCURATE DATA.  

Collect objective data:

Go from subjective to objective with analytical assessments.

Track patient progress:

Value your patient's progress over time.

Controlled patient autonomy:

create tailor-made rehabilitation programmes with biofeedback.

Increase patient motivation:

make rehabilitation fun with games.

Valuation of results:

with MyKinvent, share your expertise with prescribers and patients.

Save time:

generate your assessments in 1 click.

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