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Cryotherapy is a very trendy practice today and has conquered the sports field, physiotherapists and specialised centres.

It is a "cold therapy" which consists of applying cold to the whole body or to a localized area. Originally, it was used to define the treatment of skin lesions by means of low temperatures.

There are many benefits of this technique on the human body.

By lowering the outside body temperature from 34°C to -5°C, it will :

- Greatly slow down your heart rate

- Release endorphins

- Increase your blood pressure (between 20 and 25mm of mercury)

- Retract your blood vessels and then dilate them at the end of the session, allowing for tissue reoxygenation.

- Create an anti-pain action: an anaesthesia of the body as well as a decrease in the speed of transmission of nerve impulses.

Our selection of massage guns to improve your recovery or soothe pain related to trigger points and other sensitive areas.

In terms of sports recovery, it allows athletes to optimise their recovery after intensive training.

Immediately after the effort, it allows to :

- Reduce inflammation after shocks

- Reduce the feeling of muscular fatigue

- Reduce aches and bruises

In addition, the cold will boost your recovery by accelerating your blood circulation. Indeed, the cold will tighten the small vessels and then cause a phenomenon of vasodilatation.

By combining the two phenomena, this reduces the feeling of heavy legs, pain, swelling, etc.

For team sports such as football, rugby, handball or basketball, the action of the cold helps to relieve the frequent shocks during training sessions and competitions in order to regain 100% of one's physical capacity.

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