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KINVENT K-Grip dynamometer
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KINVENT grip dynamometer - K-Grip

Designed for grip evaluation and training, the K-Grip is a central tool for monitoring grip strength and all that it entails. From neurological re-education to the monitoring of fatigue in high-level athletes, and the fight against ageing, it has become an essential tool.

The K-FORCE app provides real-time biological feedback to track patient or athlete progress.

Track your patients' progress


KINVENT grip dynamometer - K-Grip

Dynamometer with the potential for biofeedback that evaluates immediate and reproducible grip force.

Maximum force:

Measure the peak force and analyse the maximum grip force of your patient in a specific situation.

The K-Grip can also be used to extrapolate the strength of the lateral rotators. Depending on the case, grip strength assessment could effectively be used to monitor rotator cuff recruitment capacity.

Kinvent: the solution for physiotherapists to objectify progress.

Measure, analyse, train, share

Thanks to the application you will have:

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