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KINVENT K-Bubble dynamometer
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KINVENT dynamometer - K-Bubble

Ideal to gauge the ability of patients to apply pressure with any part of the body, the K-Bubble transforms the pressure variation into a force measurement.

You can adapt the device to each type of inflatable bag equipped with a valve.

Train your patients in a fun way


KINVENT K-Bubble dynamometer

Versatile pneumatic dynamometer that can be inserted into inflatable objects, delivering a wide variety of force measurements, including during rehabilitation.


Create and adapt play-based training programmes for muscle groups such as adductors, neck muscles, grip muscles.

The K-Bubble fits any type of cushion or ball with a valve. You can thus vary the use cases simply by changing the pneumatic element chosen for your test.

Kinvent: the solution for physiotherapists to objectify progress.

Measure, analyse, train, share

Thanks to the application you will have:

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