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Should'ICE Cryotherapy Vest - Shoulder
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Should'ICE Cryotherapy Vest - Shoulder

The EXCELL'ICE compressive cryotherapy splints have been specially designed to facilitate recovery after surgery, trauma, post-operative care of shoulder surgery (prosthesis, rotator cuff, shoulder block...), shoulder trauma, or after a sporting activity.

Kit Contents:

- A shoulder support vest

- A cold pack enabling cryotherapy sessions

- An airtight freezer bag

Easy to use, the vest can be put on and used without external help.


Should'ICE Cryotherapy Vest - Shoulder

The EXCELL'ICE compressive cryotherapy splints combine the benefits of compression and cryotherapy. They are therefore particularly effective in providing an analgesic effect, reducing inflammation and oedema, while helping to reduce haematoma. They are thus an extremely effective aid to rehabilitation and can be used in postoperative protocols such as RRAC, RAAC or Rapid Recovery... as well as for the management of pain experienced during the occurrence of sprains (RICE protocol), tendonitis, muscle strains... or even for recovery after a sporting activity

The Should'ICE compression vest is particularly recommended for post-operative care of the shoulder (prosthesis, rotator cuff, shoulder pad...). Analgesic, anti-oedematous, anti-haemorrhagic effects.


Post-operative follow-up of shoulder surgery (prosthesis, rotator cuff, bone block, etc.).

Trauma to the shoulder.

Bilateral model

Choice of size:

Chest size < 100 cm: S/M

Chest size ≥ 100 cm: L/XL


Data sheet

Made In France


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