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Excell'ICE Ankle Kit
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Excell'ICE Ankle Kit

The Excell'ICE Ankle Kit has been specially studied and designed to facilitate recovery after surgery, trauma such as a sprain, ankle pathology, or after a sporting activity.

Kit Contents:

- A compressive cryotherapy pack

- A pump

- A lycra fabric to protect the skin

- An airtight freezer bag


Excell'ICE Ankle Kit

The Excell'ICE Ankle Compression Cryotherapy Kit combines the benefits of compression and cryotherapy. The cold pack is inflatable by means of a manual pump. A lycra jersey (hypoallergenic and comfortable fabric) is also provided to effectively protect the skin.

The Excell'ICE compressive ankle cryotherapy kit is therefore particularly effective in providing both an analgesic effect, reducing inflammation and oedema, while helping to resorb haematomas. It is thus an extremely effective aid in post-operative rehabilitation of ankle surgery, or in the management of a trauma such as a sprain (RICE protocol).


Postoperative follow-up of ankle surgery. Ankle sprain.

After an ankle rehabilitation session. After a sports session.

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