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WIIT Weight Releasers

WIIT Weight Releasers

WIIT Weight Releasers allow you to create a load contrast between the eccentric and concentric phases of your movement.

This allows you to overload your bar throughout the descent; the hooks then safely release the load when the weight hits the ground. Fully adjustable, they adapt to different ranges of motion (exercises) and sizes.

It has 8 positions of adjustment (from 87.5 cm to 112 cm)

A robust French steel design.

WIIT Weight Releasers

Sold in pairs.

Each weight releaser weighs 11.5 kg or 23 kg for the pair.

It has 8 adjustment positions (from 87.5 cm to 112 cm).

Made of French steel and matte black paint.


Data sheet

Made In France
Length (cm)
de 87,5 à 112cm
45 cm
23.00 kg
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