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Exxentric K-Box Studio System

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K-Box Studio System

This pack includes:

- 1 x K-Box Active in black

- 2 x Flywheels in size L

- 1 x Flywheel in size M

- 1 x K-Grips

- 1 x original K-Bar

- 1 x waist belt in size M/L

- 1 pair of ankle clips

Available in black only!

This pack contains

Pair of Exxentric Ankle Clips
x 1
Exxentric Flywheels Exxentric variations-FlyWheel M
x 1
Exxentric Flywheels Exxentric variations-FlyWheel L
x 2
Exxentric Waist Belts Exxentric variations-Belt M/L
x 1
Exxentric KBar Pull-up bar Exxentric variations-KBar
x 1
Pair of Exxentric KGrips Handles
x 1
Exxentric Kbox 4 Exxentric variations-Kbox Active
x 1

K-Box Studio System

- The kBox4 Active: entry-level model with reduced dimensions. Ideal for home gyms and small structures.

Dimensions: 76 cm x 51 cm x 21 cm

The Exxentric KBox4 is an innovative flywheel platform system: thanks to an elevated stepper-style support and the integration of a flywheel pulley system, the kBox4 enables you to benefit from the variety of movements allowed by a stepper, while having a consistent and adjustable resistance.

The flywheels are interchangeable according to the type of effort desired, and the wide range of accessories available leaves the possibility for a multitude of movements (squats, lateral lunges, deadlifts, etc.).



Flywheel training offers unlimited resistance and has been shown to provide greater strength and muscle mass gains than traditional weights due to eccentric overload.

Time saving

Achieve your goals in a fraction of the time by not having to go to the gym, wait for others, or change plates between sets.

Easy to use

Compared to weights, flywheel training offers a low barrier to entry and accessories like the hip belt help you maintain good form.


Widely used by physiotherapists. The variable resistance automatically adapts the load to your abilities and, combined with the hip belt or harness, relieves pressure on the lower back.


The small footprint and light weight of the kBox4 and kPulley Go allow you to work out anywhere - in your living room, on the patio or even at a friend's house.

Accessories included:

- Exxentric FlyWheels (2X L and 1X M) are carbon steel flywheels, essential for use with KBox, KPulley and LegExx devices.

These wheels with variable resistance according to their diameter make it possible to obtain a smooth resistance progression during the effort, with an eccentric and concentric phase each as difficult as the other.

- The KBar Exxentric is a short pull bar specifically designed for use on KBox and KPulley devices. Ideal for working the arms, back, or hamstrings with variations of straight legged deadlifts. Its rolling system and snap hook attachment make it very comfortable and safe to use.

- The Exxentric Peg Clamp Pair is specifically designed for use on your KBox or KPulley. They are the ideal accessory to widen your exercises by targeting more precisely the lower body with isolation exercises of the glutes, hamstrings or quadriceps.

The Pair of Exxentric KGrips harnesses the potential of isoinertial training for one-sided work. Compatible with all KBox 4 and KPulley machines, these sturdy and light nylon handles will allow you to perform all types of exercises for the arms, back, pectorals or shoulders.

- The Exxentric Waist Belt (size M/L) is an accessory designed for use on KBox 4 and KPulley. It is an indispensable tool for performing lunges, Bulgarian squats, and other lower body exercises. Very robust thanks to its nylon composition, it is simply attached by a snap hook system.

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