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Exxentric K-Pulley Beam
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Exxentric K-Pulley Beam

Beam adapter required for use with the kPulley Go.

While the kPulley2 comes with a compatible Beam option by default, having an extra one can be useful for anyone who wants to train in multiple locations.

The kPulley Go can be used with any of these Beam mounts as long as you have the kPulley Beam Adapter (product below this product sheet)


Exxentric K-Pulley Beam

Different options:

S (kPulley Go), M, L, XL, rack mount, 3 × 3" (kPulley Go)


kPulley Go: compatible with all options

kPulley2: compatible with the M, L and XL option


Sidereal grey: S, M, L and XL

Jet black for rack mounting


39 cm (S), 110 cm (M), 197 cm (L), 225 cm (XL), 19.6 cm (rack mount)


5 cm


1.5 kg (S), 3.9 kg (M), 6.7 kg (L), 8 kg (XL), 2.1 kg (rack mount)

Rack Mount Specifications

Makes it easy to attach to electrical racks with 3″ x 3″ tubing, 1″ holes and 2″ spacing

Distance b/n Rack mounting rods

12.74 cm

Mounting options for S, M, L and XL

Strap (mounting straps sold separately) or Wall (screws not included)


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