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Exxentric Headgear
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The Exxentric Head Harness is a tool designed to take the principle of isoinertial training and apply it to cervical strengthening. Easily lockable with a snap-hook system, it is adjustable and compatible with KBox 4 and KPulley devices.


Exxentric Headgear

The head harness is quite light at only 300 g and its adjustable size allows you to use it in a group.


Nylon composition
Locking by snap-hooks
Adjustable harness
Compatible with all KBox 4 and KPulley devices

The head harness is ideal for anyone who wants to incorporate flywheel training for neck strength and is suitable for team and contact sports, martial arts and sports with landings and falls such as downhill skiing, gymnastics, etc.

You can attach it to both the kBox and the kPulley and work your muscles from different angles. In addition, you can use it to train with traditional weight machines or with standard plates.


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