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Recovery starter pack

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Recovery starter pack


- A massage roller

- A massage ball

- An ice pack of your choice (knee, elbow, ankle or foot)

Shoulder pack option or Blackroll option on request

This pack contains

Massage Roller
x 1
Blackroll massage ball Size-8 cm
x 1
Excell'ICE Knee Kit
x 1

Recovery starter pack

Excell'ICE Pack:

The EXCELL'ICE compressive knee cryotherapy kit has been specially designed to facilitate recovery after surgery, trauma, knee pathology, or after a sporting activity.

The EXCELL'ICE compressive knee cryotherapy kit combines the benefits of compression and cryotherapy. The front cold pack is inflatable by means of a hand pump, which allows for a more moderate pressure on the rear cold pack. A lycra jersey (hypoallergenic and comfortable fabric) is provided to effectively protect the skin.

The EXCELL'ICE compressive knee cryotherapy kit is therefore particularly effective in providing an analgesic effect, reducing inflammation and oedema, while helping to reduce haematoma. It is thus an extremely effective aid to rehabilitation and can be used in postoperative protocols such as RRAC, RAAC or Rapid Recovery... as well as for the management of pain experienced during the occurrence of sprains (RICE protocol), tendonitis, muscle strains... or even to recover after a sporting activity

- Postoperative follow-up of knee surgery requiring icing: prosthesis, osteotomy, ligament surgery, meniscal repair, arthroscopy....
- After a knee rehabilitation session.
- After a sports session.

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Massage ball (8 cm):

The massage ball is the perfect training tool for targeted self-massage to treat muscle tension independently. You can regulate the pressure with your body weight to reach superficial or deeper muscles.

You can use it completely independently. A wall, a table or the floor are sufficient to perform a massage. 

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Massage roller:

The massage roller relieves muscle pain and improves blood circulation.

The surface is levelled to increase blood flow and facilitate the evacuation of toxins and speed up recovery.

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