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Bulle d'air® Jump Box
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A no-pain box made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) that offers many advantages.

It enables you to:

limit accidents: the PPE material considerably reduces the risk of injury, mainly to the shins, and allows a rebound that reduces impacts during long sets, and so reduces tendonitis. The rounded corners make it more comfortable to use (friction, support, etc.)

build confidence: all testers are unanimous: this box inspires confidence! They are all much less apprehensive during the high box jump. The same goes for when fatigue starts to set in. It offers a better grip thanks to its excellent stability and its non-slip coating. For all these reasons, the testers observed an improvement in their performance when using the JUMP BOX made of PPE

easily move it around: once again putting solidity at the service of lightness, our PPE box is 65% lighter than the wooden box (wooden box: 24 kg vs PPE box: 8.4 kg). Its handles make it easy to grip

reduce noise: the PPE removes the sound box effect that a wooden box generates when you turn it from one side to the other, when you move it around, and when you jump on it.


Bulle d'air® Jump Box

The little extra: we manage the end of life of our jump boxes. They are ultra resistant but unfortunately not eternal. That's why we take back your end-of-life boxes to recycle them and make new ones! 

Traditionally, jump boxes are rough wooden boxes, noisy and heavy, which can cause more or less serious injuries.

This jump box is 95% air. Light and silent, it offers the same possibilities with superior comfort of use, and safety.

Its strengths:



Thanks to the PPE material and its rounded corners, it significantly reduces the risk of (shin) injuries.
In addition, the rebound generated by the PPE box limits the impact during long sets and helps avoid injuries (tendonitis, etc.)


65% lighter than a wooden box: 8.4 kg for a PPE jump box and 24 kg for a wooden box



This box will give you confidence: the testers are unanimous!
They were able to see a significant improvement in performance using this box. When you feel fatigue or during high box jumps, the fear of jumping decreases because the box is anti-slip and made of expanded polypropylene (EPP).



Moving or jumping on a wooden box makes a lot of noise. In the case of a PPE box, the noise disappears.




Data sheet

Made In France
Maximum load (kg)
Polypropylène expansé (PPE)
600.00 cm
750.00 cm
8.40 kg
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