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Flex Stronger Gymaware

Gymaware's Flex Stronger Sensor is one of the world's most advanced performance measurement tools that attaches to your weight bar and provides real-time feedback on your smartphone.
Fixed to the end of your barbell, you will not need to press start or stop; it automatically activates upon movement, and directly transmits the data to the dedicated Android/iOS application.

Features of the Flex Stronger Gymaware:

Real-time data recording
Adjustable on bars of 50 mm diameter or less
Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
Range >10 m

Improve your power, accurately estimate your 1RM with the proposed protocol without training to failure, and plan workouts for wireless, hands-free, automated sessions: fast Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and a range of over 10 meters. Accurate: Our laser optical network is highly accurate for reliable data.

The kit contains:
-1 FLEX device
- 1 USB charger
-1 reflective mat for automatic start of the analysis.

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