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Revvll Pro endless rope
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The Revvvll PRO Endless Rope is a cardio workout tool that allows you to exercise your upper extremities in isolation.
It is also an excellent tool for strengthening muscles (biceps and back in particular) through its pulling action.
Easily attached to your cross-training cages and other classic training structures.


Developed and manufactured entirely in Germany, this resistance rope is a new, endless rope, free to move, without seams or screws. Designed for maximum endurance and consistent traction.

The particularly advanced and solid metal structure protects the core of the Revvll PRO from daily and intensive use. Invisible but permanently perceptible: the adjustment mechanism incorporated in the case offers a constant resistance. All components of the Revvll PRO have been designed for heavy-duty use, being able to withstand heavy loads and guaranteeing reliable operation.

The Revvll PRO allows you to do various exercises (front, back, profile, etc.) depending on your position and the height at which it is mounted. In addition, the user is free to quickly adjust the height of the Revvll Pro and the resistance level (1 to 6).


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