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Keiser Pro Air 300 Leg Extension

The quadriceps can produce very high strengths at very fast speeds. This makes the knee vulnerable to injury at high degrees of flexion. This machine reduces resistance where the knee is most vulnerable to injury. Unlike conventional machines that use iron, the low inertia design of the A300 Leg Extension Pro gives you smooth resistance. The result is a workout unlike anything else on the market.

The unilateral movement allows each limb to be trained symmetrically.

Large digital display showing resistance, sets, reps, and maximum power.

The thumb buttons allow you to change the resistance without changing position, even during exercise.

Fast, easy, and precise eccentric overload.

Change the resistance in one pound increments only.

Exceptional durability and uptime for years of use.

Unique versatility: five ways to train instead of one.

Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of users.


Data sheet

Length (cm)
101.6 cm
Width (cm)
99.1 cm
Height (cm)
68.00 kg
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