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Exxentric KBox 4 Advanced System
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The Exxentric KBox4 Advanced System is an innovative flywheel platform system: thanks to an elevated stepper-style support and the integration of a flywheel pulley system, the kBox4 enables you to benefit from the variety of movements allowed by a stepper, while having consistent and adjustable resistance.

The flywheels are interchangeable according to the type of effort desired, and the wide range of accessories available leaves the possibility for a multitude of movements (squats, lateral lunges, deadlifts, etc.).

Advanced Systems Packs include a KBox 4 device, multiple FlyWheels, 1 Exxentric waist belt, an Exxentric power harness, a pair of KGrips and a KBar.

Available in 3 versions: Lite, Active and Pro.

Exxentric variations

Features of the KBox4 range:

kBox4 Active: entry-level model with reduced dimensions. Ideal for home gyms and small structures.
Dimensions: 76 cm x 51 cm x 21 cm

The kBox4 Lite: larger model, with more consistent flywheel diameters for more pronounced efforts. It has a sensor system to measure performance. Ideal for physiotherapists' offices or fitness studios.
Dimensions: 76 cm x 51 cm x 21 cm

The kBox4 Pro: premium model with the largest dimensions. Allows an infinite number of movements and resistances. It is compatible with all kBox4 accessories. Like the kBox4 Lite, it has its own integrated sensor system. Ideal for fitness centres and gyms.
Dimensions: 98 cm x 63 cm x 23 cm

The Advanced System Packs contain:

- 1 kBox 4 Active/Lite/Pro (depending on the model chosen)
- 1 FlyWheel M
- 1 FlyWheel L
- 1 Exxentric waist belt
- 1 Exxentric harness (any size)
- 1 pair of KGrips pull handles
- 1 KBar pull-up bar


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