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Blazepod Pro Kit
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The Blazepod Kit Pro is the most complete and comprehensive package offered by Blazepod to date. It combines the capabilities of a Double Trainer Kit (12 pods and associated charging system) with a wide selection of accessories such as cone hooks and suction cup mounts. 
This kit allows you to take full advantage of Blazepod's capabilities everywhere and in any conditions thanks to the numerous attachments provided.

Single version of 12 Pods


Blazepod Pro Kit

Features of Blazepods:

Up to 40 meters range, automatic connection, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology,
8 interchangeable lighting colours provided by powerful RGB LED lights
Compact and lightweight pods, easily transportable
Ergonomic space-saving charging system (pods are on top of each other),
Rechargeable Li-ion battery (8h), up to 12 hours of autonomy
Time reporting to the nearest millisecond for continuous improvement
Adheres to any surface with its specially designed fastening systems
Simple and intuitive pods with no buttons or moving parts (only touch sensitive)
Indoor and outdoor use (UV protection and waterproof)
Shock resistant surface supporting punches/feet, wall ball, etc.

Contents of the Pro Kit:

12 Pods with 8 interchangeable lighting colours provided by powerful LED lights and offering up to 40 m range, compact and lightweight they are easily transportable,
2 charging bases + 1 micro-USB charging cable, providing 12 hours of autonomy,
1 Blazepod® application with over 100 regularly updated exercises
2 hard carrying cases for 6 pods
1 Blazepod manual in French
16 adapters to be placed under the pod in order to accommodate the strap or the suction cup
8 special cone attachments to allow the Pod to be attached to the top of a cone
8 straps for fixing around a pole, a bar, a punching bag, the wrist, etc.
8 suction cups to stick on a glass, on a table, etc.


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