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POWERBLOCK Pro Exp Series Modular Dumbbells
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The invention of the PowerBlock dumbbells makes exercise much easier for any athlete at home, in a coaching studio or in a physical therapy room.
The PowerBlock concept is fantastic in its simplicity.
Thanks to their innovative system, the Powerblock dumbbells take up very little space and can replace a whole series of dumbbells. It is a guaranteed space saver!

A PowerBlock consists of a number of interlocking elements, each with a heavier weight. These are clicked together with a sturdy double pin.
You slide the pin between the weights to select a specific weight and attach it to the handle.

3 possible phases: 2.3 to 22.7 kg / 2.3 to 31.8 kg / 2.3 to 40.8 kg


  • Phase 1 = 31.8 cm (length) x 17.8 cm (width) x 18.4 cm (height) at 22.7 kg
  • Phase 2 = 37.5 cm (length) x 17.8 cm (width) x 18.4 cm (height) at 31.8 kg
  • Phase 3 =43.2 cm (length) x 17.8 cm (width) x 18.4 cm (height) at 40.8 kg

Sold as a pair, so prices shown always apply per pair.
One pair of PowerBlock dumbbells can replace 16 (Phase 1), 22 (Phase 2) or 28 (Phase 3) pairs of conventional dumbbells.


Features of the PRO Range:

  • Elegant design and colour-coded weight selection
  • 3 possible phases: 2.3 to 22.7 kg / 2.3 to 31.8 kg / 2.3 to 40.8 kg
  • 2.2 kg difference between each weight setting (on average)
  • Easily adaptable
  • Ergonomic handles: 38 mm
  • Weight plates with durable, impact-resistant urethane coating


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